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I've heard all my life about doing things that you are passionate about. That is what surfing is to me. At a young age I learned to surf with my father. Surf contests motivated me to learn as much as possible. At the age of twelve I started traveling to surf destinations all over the the world. When it came time to carve my own business path it was obvious what I should do. I have been involved in teaching surfing lessons for ten years. I have owned and operated Austin Magee's Surf School in Seaside, FL since 2014. The thing I like most about owning and running my surf school is being involved with each students journey into the sport and lifestyle I love so much.


Gary Magee


I started surfing when I was 13 years old. I won't tell you how many years it has been since that first day. But, I will say that I still get that one of a kind sense of excitement every time I paddle out. The love of this sport has taken me all over the world. Whether big storm surf or playful summer swells, I still want to be the first guy in the water. I am so fortunate to have shared this with my son, Austin. Being in the water with new students, young or not so young keeps me connected with that joy of riding a wave. 


Austin Magee


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